Environmental Dialog, 2015

Site-specific installation and performance

Citta’ Della Scienza (City of Science), Naples, Italy, 2015

 “Environmental Dialog” is the result of the studio practice segment of Mariella Poli’s Interdisciplinary Course for the ‘Summer Study Abroad Program in Italy’ for California College of the Arts, June 2015. 13 students participated and their disciplines ranged from sculpture, film, writing and performance to interior, industrial and fashion design. 

This project took place in the post-industrial waterfront district of Naples, inside of Citta’ Della Scienza, where the Science Center existed before it was destroyed by arsons in March 2013. 

Citta’ Della Scienza (City of Science) was opened to the public in 1996 and features various areas in which to explore science, natural phenomena as well as hosting many scientific and cultural events aimed at promoting sustainable technologies and enterprises. The building is located in Bagnoli; the former industrial district in Naples and its nucleus was built on a 19th-century archaeological site. The Science Center was financed by a public-private foundation called “Foundation IDIS”. Following its destruction, various initiatives were created to collect funding to rebuild the Center and through Local, National and International support the reconstruction will finally take place.

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