Movable Space, 2011

Tecohan Bruce Gallery, Oakland CA, 2011
London, UK, 2011

This exhibition arises out of a collaboration between students from California College of the Arts (CCA), Oakland/San Francisco and Goldsmiths College (GSC), University of London. Both sets of students shared a dialogue from the two courses: Culture, Space and Identity (CCA) and Performativity and The Body (GSC), and are exhibiting together in San Francisco and London.

The exhibition in San Francisco is curated by Mariella Poli at CCA, and in London the students at Goldsmiths curated the exhibition with the support of Dr. Rachel Garfield from the Fine Art department. Thus, the students receive a valuable experience of two distinct ways of exhibiting.

Both coursesinvestigate the cultural perceptions and representations of the multicultural environments in Oakland/San Francisco, California and London, UK and work on show represents a wide range of approaches to the visual as well as to medium but arising out of a collective response to the material presented in the courses.

This exhibition showcases work from emerging artists/designers who individually explored and addressed interests and experiences that concerns personal, cultural and social identities as the delicate balance of public and private space. Through this exploration and discussion in their groups they developed a diverse, and exciting body of work.

Mariella Poli