Mariella Poli is an educator, interdisciplinary artist and curator of student art/design exhibitions and catalogs. She is particularly interested in history, geopolitics, cultural diversity and the power of space in everyday social life and global pedagogies.

As an educator, Mariella specializes in international exchanges addressing global pedagogies through various institutions around the world. These exchanges result in international exhibitions and catalogs. The specifics of these exchanges are designed to achieve an increased understanding of socioeconomic inequalities and the geopolitics of rapidly growing urban environments. She engages the student as a future problem solver and producer, creating agency in the realization of potential impacts and relevancies their work as artists, craftspeople and designers can have.

Since 2005 to the present she established partnerships with Institutions around the globe, such as Marmara University and BILGI University in Istanbul, Turkey; University of Cape Town, South Africa; Goldsmith College, London, England; Accademia di Belle Arti Palermo, Naples Second University, Collaboration with “Citta’ della Scienza”, Naples; Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia, (IUAV) Venice, Italy.